Cal Pravi, a wine, cava, spirit and beverage shop in Manresa since 1964

Retail warehouse selling various formats of wines, other beverages and soft drinks

Our warehouse shop, located in Manresa, retails our wines to private customers. Stop by to discover our renowned classics and fortified wines, sold in bulk and bottled, in a number of formats.

Our neighbours and regular customers have known us as the “CAL PRAVI” warehouse for over fifty years. The grandparents and parents of many current citizens of Manresa and around the county would buy the classic wine in bulk for their daily meals, taken as a family with the traditional “porronet” wine bottle on the table. Who among them has never tasted the classic snack of bread soaked in wine and sprinkled with sugar? Or muscatel wine with biscuits for dessert?

Founded in 1961, it preserves the look of the original wine cellar. Over time, we have complemented our offering with other beverages requested by our customers: spirits, cava, soft drinks, vinegars, oil, waters, etc. And lately, special bulk wines: varietal wines or others from well-known winemaking corners of Catalonia and Spain.

Today, younger generations are rediscovering classical, simply-made wines, noteworthy even at their affordable price. They are also taking an interest in more complex, varietal wines from acclaimed winemaking regions. In short, they are feeling a renewed attraction to wine, a natural beverage thousands of years old. A product that is our own, from the Mediterranean. A drink that, enjoyed in moderation, provides physical benefits and opens the door to social relations.

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