Vins Pravi selects, bottles and distributes wine

Wine bottling, sale and distribution for HORECA customers

Vins Pravi is a wine-bottling company that was established in 1964 by its founder, Josep Prat. Its character as a family company, the hard work and drive of its people, and their human quality have enabled the company to keep bottling and distributing its products, over 50 years on.

Over its decades of history, the company has grown with the creation of house brands Gran Pravi and Vinya del Pont, behind which are wines of extraordinary quality at an affordable price. Technological innovation has played a key role in this achievement. Starting from manual filling machines, moving through the first carboy-filling machines up to those for nitrogen gas injection. From pasteurisation to the latest wine bacterial microfiltration techniques.

All of these resources enable us to adjust the company’s products to our customers’ needs. This long-term effort culminated in 2004, when Vins Pravi joined the “Catalunya” Appellation of Origin. As of that time, a new label named Heredad Condal, with the guidance and guarantee of A.O. Catalunya began its journey across the tables of the country.

With the humility, modesty and effort that have characterised our company from its beginnings, we are now pleased to present a family of products that ranges from the most traditional table wines to those of the Appellation of Origin. We are pleased and honoured to be part of this country’s long and rich wine-making tradition.

Vins Pravi
Vins Pravi
Vins Pravi

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We can offer our products in bulk and other formats:
classical wine, special wines of Catalonia, like Montsant, Empordà and Terra Alta, and from other regions of Spain such as Logroño, Valladolid and Aragon. We also have excellent liqueur wine, muscatel, mistela, matured wine and altar wine… also in bulk format!

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