El PorroCat

The “porró”

A “porró” is a glass receptacle used to store and serve a liquid, normally wine.
It has two openings; one larger, traditionally vertical and slightly curved shaft that doubles as a handle and filling tube, and another conical, tapered appendage projecting from its base through which the content is poured out. The tip of this cone ends in a small hole designed to produce a thin, constant stream ideal to drink straight from the spout. The larger opening is also used to pour wine into a glass, empty and clean the porró.
For its uniqueness, the “porró” wine pitcher is considered a traditional symbol of Catalonia. Souvenir “porrons” are sold in shops, with the traditional Catalan “barretina” wool cap placed over the top opening. The “porró” is commonly used at festive, community meals, for example “calçotades” (fire-grilled spring onions and barbecue) and “cargolades” (snail cook-offs), etc.
The “porró” dates back to at least medieval times. Historically, they were made of baked clay.

Porró Couplet
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